With our highly experienced and talented staff we are confident to deliver the best to our partners.

We are seeking for excellence in service and will provide quality service at a cost that will enable us to remain competitive and to provide a warm, professional, and knowledgeable service to all our clients.


To be one of the leading , most trusted and respected Travel Wholesaler in the travel industry providing efficient and effective services to our customers to continuously create new opportunities for growth in our strategic business.

About Us

Launched from the idea that traveling is not what is used to be where people then planned carefully calling and asking travel agents to find the most suitable fares and arrangements for their travel planning, nowadays time has no essence. One can be or need to be at anywhere in anytime given. From that idea, HOLIDAYS99 is borne to fulfill the needs of anyone to travel anytime anywhere with the easy to use online format.

We have already developed our B2B system, offering our product on line with real time availability, enabling our partners to purchase online in a pleasant, efficient and cost-effective way.

Our WEB booking system supports both White label & Back Office solutions and the XML connectivity links our product’s real time availability to the distribution channels (websites, reservation systems, dynamic packaging machines etc…) of our partners. All the information on our website is analytic and also Google maps are implemented. Taking advantage of surging Internet penetration, we keep enhancing our product development system integrating multiple API from suppliers combined with in-house developed products to deliver one stop travel services to both end users and agents distributed via web browser and mobile app.

And, with the integrations of travel infrastructure and highly advanced online technology, HOLIDAYS99 developed online booking system , which be able to provide its clients with any level of travel services with just one stop and one click away, anytime and anywhere. Its services of providing hotels worldwide, car hire, car transfers, Cruises etc. even the user-friendly online payment system, proof that HOLIDAYS99 has a thoughtful system behind it. With its advanced technology implanted behind the system, clients can easily book, pay, and get confirmations instantly online, be it, for hotel bookings, car hire, car transfers, cruises .